5 thoughts on “Alexa Wiley

  1. When I was 10 you lived with my uncle Matt Hendricks. I came to visit once and you gave me the album “The Tree and the Waterfall” I still listen to it (though it skips a bit now) Thanks for making awesome art! I’d love to buy another copy if possible! Thank you!

  2. Met you at Edgefield last month. I’m from Kaua’i. There is a singer I think you’d really like. His name is Makana. He sings an awesome anti-GMO song and sings at many rallies we have on Kaua’i regarding the continued poisoning of our land and its’ people.

  3. On youtube, it’s Makana Performs anti-GMO anthem- Hawai’i Seed 1-16-13
    Also, an anti wall-street called ‘We are the Many’

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