Alexa Wiley by graffiti in Portland.
Alexa Wiley by Tom Bode.We reached our goal and will be working on getting you some new songs by June 2018.

Wild metaphorical music that rocks” (Oregon Music News, 2015) has been used to describe the sound of Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness, a Portland-based band with an abundance of local musical roots.

Alexa Wiley is the singer-songwriter who nourishes the band’s unique blend of meaningful lyrics surrounded by the fully realized Americana-rock of Bret Malmquist (guitar virtuoso), Steve Dearborn (musical savant), Sean Oldham (hall of fame drummer’s drummer) and Dale Turnbull (bass pocketeur).

Their recent eponymous album, Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness, put the band squarely in the category of “must see music” with songs such as “Oregon Rain” (folk-psych), “Water” (spin-dance), “Must be Birds” (inspired-groove), and “Home” (rock-poetry).  The genres explored will satisfy aficionados and funabees alike who enjoy musical exploration and satisfying destinations where musicianship still matters and songs still inspire.

Get Lost

Listen to an interview with Alexa by Inessa Anderson about the ‘Art of Getting Lost.’

Inspired by place

SNAPAlexa has lived in Portland since she was 6 years old and her music is inspired by connections to our shared place in the Pacific Northwest. Her first major foray into place-based artistic collaboration was the co-produced Salmon Nation Artist Project.

As a lover of the outdoors and iconic Columbia River, Alexa often donates performances for local outdoor organizations such as Outdoor School For All and Columbia Riverkeeper.  Her anti-LNG song is featured in Columbia Crossings: Oregon Faces America’s Energy Future, a documentary of the long fight in Oregon against proposed liquefied natural gas terminals.

Through her friendly collaboration with fisherman and poet Dave Densmore, Alexa teams her melodies with Dave’s rough and real poetry to capture moments of transcendent relevance in a show they call For the Love of Fish.  Alexa and Dave’s blend of artistic virtues form a complementary lyrical dialogue addressing the difficult environmental choices facing our contemporary Northwest community.


alexa_wileyfinal_cover-2Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness band debut album came out in 2015,. This is Alexa’s third album on Red Newt Records and second project produced by Greg Williams. Alexa was featured in  Oregon Music News March 2015 issue, Celebrating Women in Music. ”

“I have to say it is a master work. I cannot stop listening to it….” – Lisa Lepine

poet cover_opt

Her second album as a Red Newt recording artist,  Poet of Empty Spaces (2012), is a world colored with sharp songwriting, the musical textures of accomplished accompaniment, and the master crafting of producer Gregg Williams.


album cover, alexa wiley, Eating That Way (2008), Alexa’s first recording on the Red Newt label, produced by Jim Brunberg above the old Mississippi Studios, explores the oftentimes melancholy world of spiritual crossroads and has a rich acoustic  feel.

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