Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness album


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Poet of Empty Spaces album

*Copyright Stolen Guitar Publishing, Frederick Productions



Ocean will heal me in bathroom stall on the north side of town, I am moving fast and I am heading north, right now. Gonna let my heart go it’s so sick from making it stay. Gonna let my love flow and take me down off a this freeway. Come get me baby tell me know where is my love, when will he come and take me down off this freeway.

Chorus: Cause I’m sick of making the wrong turn, crazy of being led astray, so tired of carving out every moment, every day

Too much traffic in my head too many cars in the street. In my hand I got my own drink in my mind I got my own think and I won’t set down my life I trip see…I wanted you to know I fall down a lot. Over tables tossing words overhand underhand if it’s truth or dare I still pretend. I wanted to be in a group see how I never was. I never wasn’t. but I’m,

Chorus: sick of making the wrong turn crazy from being led astray so tired of carving out every moment—Sick ya’’ll, Crazy, you know I’m only tired…every day.

It’s ugly being true being real is foolish the first time round girls the chick was gross gave it up and died for our marketable angst the ones like Plath it’s not where it is if it’s stuck where it’s at…is there no reassurance so I make the moment mine I live in the neighborhood so let it rain the oh I get it cloud- of understanding water she’s …

Chorus/Bridge: wrong turn, led astray, carving out every moment my own way/Chorus/Just gonna let my heart go.

Same Bottle Different Day

Where are you going when are you coming back? I heard a storm blew through your town are your weather jars intact? It takes forever to find just one good thing to say, I am drinking from the same bottle it’s just a different day, Same bottle different day.

These walls are falling down, but I am not at home. Chaos upstairs just makes me want to roam wind came in and blew my dreams out to sea, so I’m going down to the river and we might one day meet,. We might one day meet. What can I do but write a new verse to the same old song? Come to find what I’ve been saying all along. Cause I’m drinking from the same bottle, it’s just a different day,

Same bottle different day/Same bottle different day/Instrumental/

Looks like we need another verse just to end the song we can take all night, it might just take that long. In our bare feet and two good bottles of wine. If you ask me right now I’d say “I am feeling fine.” I’m feeling fine. Drinking from the same bottle until the break of day, Drinking from the same bottle until a brand new day, Now it’s the same bottle brand new day. Same bottle light of day. Same bottle different day.

Poet of Empty Spaces

Grateful when the sickness comes, it knocks me to the ground. I can see all my neurotic thoughts. I just can’t attend to them now. Thankful for the space between the words and the notes, it brings me so much doubt. Giddy for what a fool I’ve been stumbling foot in my mouth.

Chorus: Poet of these empty spaces go on and eat up all the busyness that’s taken over my heart my head let a new (stillness) emerge.

I go inspired but I move in drag. Wrestling with what I think is mine, but there is no pleasing the audience inside. Love the way I interrupt when I don’t know what I am talking about. Blessed by those who love me, and ones who kicked me out.

Chorus/bridge/She says to me get it out write it down no time to fall asleep. Wake up again another time, we are born to weep Keep it together, do what I should, do everything, it’s killing me. The artist is heavy, unruly, and rude but I love her dearly.

Chorus/Grateful when the sickness comes. It knocks me to the ground.

Red Porch

I’m holding tight to my disease: I won’t give up so easily. I’m holding on with all my breath pay no attention that’s just my head. Boots are stomping on the loose board this is how we go soul road/ Dream walks up asks for your number you know her face just what to call her

Chorus: On the red porch I am singing odes to light I made it through another night. I am tied to inspiration and just when I think she won’t call again, I open up my tiny shutter and she comes streaming in.

Give me coffee and feed me tea and let the artist be the end of me. I am growing weeds right out of my skin and I’ll draw my face again and again. Chorus/lead guitar break/chorus.

Old Story Water

I planted a seed to grow. Will it grow I do not know, it’s wrapped up like a letter to the greatest friend. Just like gardener knows on a foreign wind that blows, there’s always something coming in. Is it the water the love the earth the sun the wind, or a message the tiny package lends? I prefer the poetry and I’ve got this six strong there’s a song that I’ve got to sing.

And it goes… Chorus: Oh mighty river, Wash this seed around the bend., Ohh-old story water help me find my face again.

Just like when you prayed to catch a fish and a native bit. Just to show you that you belong. But you had to let it go, Back to the river’s flow, but you carry that message now, just like a song. Used to wonder how I’d do, like a bird that flew I am a flower but I am such a strange bloom, All I can do is stand hold out my hand wrap myself up like a seed, plant the love again. And sing:

Chorus/break/chorus/I planted a seed to grow. Will it grow I do not know it wrapped up like a letter, to the greatest friend.

What’s Inside

Been crying all the time now, with each wave that crashes on the shore. I am moving  I know it an illusion. I ain’t going nowhere at all. All these tears may as well be rain. Falling cause I got to grow someday. Sad songs they just come so easy when looking to hard, for what’s just inside

Chorus: What I see and believe it might show itself someday. All I am holding in my heart I got to sing just to make it stay.

I live a life in metaphors, tell me what you think it means so many upon the page that nobody reads. If that’s true, no one ever sees the whole truth except maybe that joker in the sun. He knows we are all love, mistaking it for someone.

Chorus/I’m crying, I’m crying. nothing wrong with crying. It’s gotta come out some way

Been crying all the time now, with each wave that crashes on the shore. Even though I am moving, I know its an illusion, I ain’t going nowhere at all. I ain’t going nowhere at all.

This Town

I know this town, I’m gonna walk around, you say I am lost but I know that I’m found Don’t bring me down. You think it’s just some big mystery that I don’t see what I see. I say I am free and lovely.

Chorus: There’s a secret, but nobody keeps it. All guitars in town are weeping. Singing you got what you got and everything that it’s not.

Just cause I don’t walk like you walk. I never talk like you talk You know I do, but I am true. It won’t mean a thing, you know you never heard what I sing. Boot on the steel, are you for real? Chorus/break/chorus/ I know this town I’m gonna walk around you think I am lost but I know I’m found.

Lay down Arms

Lay down with me when the light fades, I know there is another way. I do my best not to misplace any

Chorus: grace come on home, you’ve been gone (too long) (all along)

Bird don’t you fly (cry)(try) ain’t no reason why…ain’t no reason why. Why not? I’m setting down my gun, I never learned how to shoot one. I’m laying down all my arms, I won’t fight you or your charm for

Chorus/Just want my heart to mend, see your face again, I will let the silence be the space between you and/Chorus x 2/Lay down with me, the light will fade, everything we know it’s gone away, We do our best not to misplace any grace come on home.

People I love the Most

People I love the most are scattered, pieces of art coming apart at the seams, always something to do something to be got a story for you. Hey got a story for you.

People I love the most are lost, just a little bit, but they weren’t counting the cost when they gave up their heart in a song soul reflected by a woman with nothing by the side of the road

Chorus: My humanity reaches out to me I don’t recognize my face I see it in yours in it’s place. People I love the most are lost…so alive.

I’m lost behind a computer screen she’s standing or walkin for miles and miles and miles and miles she smiles, something I forgot to do for a while, so much hard work to do every day. What’s the price that we pay?

Chorus/bridge/People I love the most are lost, just a little bit, so alive. People I love the most are lost, scattered, beautiful pieces of art.

Love Ain’t So Far

Sometimes the people that you meet, when your alone are the greatest, no one there to say exactly who you are. You can say it and believe it. It’s all we ever had and all we ever wanted, nothing is as true as those things that we believe

Chorus: Love ain’t so far x 2 after all this time

Sometimes places that we go so dark are the greatest. All the places that we never seem to fit become a blessing. If we don’t get jaded, moves us on out of our own little shell. Down the road we are supposed to go one day we wake up and we know that we are home.

Chorus: Love ain’t so far after all. Love understands us after all this time.

If I slow down I won’t move to fast but I think I am supposed to fly. Running down the runway you gotta get up speed before you try. Who is to say what is true? Words can be cages. Someone projecting story onto you saying stay and that they made you. Keep your ear to the ground. Listen to the next sound. No matter where you who you are she’s there with you Chorus: x2

Plant a Seed

Plant a seed it’s a radical deed that our life should be our own. Grandma’s hand she worked the land the years she has sown. Now they come to take her seeds. The languages they know.

Chorus: Oh that beast, hungrier than anything. Oh that beast , Monsanto.

Like sailors coming across the seas in blows the weed, the way we go and the way we row, nobody owns a seed. Nobody can lay claim to a desert in the end. Let it be known let it be told about those that take a stand against…

Chorus: That beast hungrier than anything- oh that beast hungrier than anything, and oh that beast/Break: Oh the seeds they are keepers of the mystery, when the time is right you gotta let them fly.

Listen to what Shiva told resistance is the only road and with our hands we understand, the wisdom that lies below earth the soil life’s energy is not separate from you and me, plant it now, plant it deep. The seed you want to sow.

Chorus: You see we are the keepers of the mystery. Sow the seeds keepers of the mystery sow the seed ooohh ooh oh. Plant a seed it’s a radical deed x 4 with guitar. Plant a seed it’s a radical deed x 4 w / clapping


Paradise is right here in your heart, watching you. Paradise is right here and she gets lonely too. Didn’t you know didn’t you hear, your life, it’s so humble. I know that she’s right there with you when you stumble

Chorus: So don’t forget about her, as you wander on through. Don’t forget about her…….As you just pass on through.

Paradise is right here I know, I just can’t see it and no smoke will make it clearer. I drink her down with fire and oh how I stumble and I know that she cries when we forget cause we are just so forgetful..

Chorus: Now don’t forget about her. As you wander on through, don’t forget about her as you just pass on through/Break/Chorus: Now don’t forget about her. As you wander on through, don’t forget about her as you pass on through.

Paradise is right here in your heart.

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