“Alexa Wiley and her backing band, the Wilderness, are living proof that there are plenty of musicians in Portland not getting the coverage and appreciation they deserve…” – Willamette Week, 2/8/17

“Alexa has purposefully searched out that which is unpredictable and wild about herself. And it does mean taking a chance of getting lost in the wilderness of oneself. It’s an art. Alexa suggests we take a chance taking that trip into the wild and unknown.” – Inessa , March 2015 Read Alexa’s Interview w Inessa 

“Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness bring a vibrant & fun outdoorsy feel.” – John Farnum

“Troubadour in the truest sense of the word, Alexa will draw in your soul…and change you for the better” – Kevin Yost, (June 25, 2015)

“Alexa & the Wilderness stunningly stirred myself and James to tears on Clinton Street tonight. I am still blown away by the poetry…feeling very humbled by this blessing.” – Nayibe “Geebs” Rojas / Ma Fondue

“The band was tight and Alexa was right on. Good show and a good time for all. Once again Gregg Williams produced a winner.” – Kathryn Frederick, Red Newt Records/Frederick Productions

“Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness enveloped their enthusiastic audience with a big bold hug of a cd release at the Clinton Street. Their intuitive and inventive playing was a promise of the treasures to be found in the record produced with Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, Wilco).” – Lisa Lepine, Promotion Queen

“…that live acoustic guitar, by your woman guest, was exquisite! (as was the unique quality in her voice!)” – Norway resident commenting on Alexa’s performance Coast Community Radio Dec. 2013 with DJ Carol Newman

“U are addictive as hell! Your unique style reminds me of Laura Veirs meets Neko Case with a little Jesse Sykes thrown in. I’m hooked!” Tom Ziemann, Founder of Carve for the Cure

“Alexa Wiley-Our Hero!…Alexa rocks with her new full band.” – Hipfish Monthly

“There are more hits on your CD [Poet of Empty Spaces] than a sheet of acid.” – Rachael Rice

“If John Prine, Lucinda Williams and Alison Krauss had raised a bunch of kids in Colorado Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness would be them!” – Pete Alexander 

“Alexa is a delight as both a person and artist, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and troubadour whose feelings, thoughts, convictions and hopes are reflected throughout her repertoire. She shines a unique light on the joys and follies of the human condition without losing sight of the performers goal, to entertain. -Brad of ISL booking

Alexa Wiley’s beautiful vocals and guitar work combine with Densmore’s rough-edged poetry to create a deep connection to the community.  They perform with honesty, real emotion, and natural chemistry, like old souls sharing their stories.” -Brett VandenHeuvel, Columbia Riverkeeper Executive Director

“Alexa Wiley is a damn talented young woman. We’ve been working on blending her original songs and my poetry. She’s a talented guitar player, both acoustic and electric slide. She is a stand alone talent.”David Densmore, Fisher Poet

“Alexa’s songwriting blends her skills as a spoken word poet with her unique vision of life and her commitment to eco-activism. Her powerful guitar work and styles are truly her own.” -WomanSoul Radio Show; KBOO Community Radio Listener’s Guide, November 2007

“You may have caught Alexa Wiley at the VooDoo Room, top ‘o the summer, opening for Michael Hurley. She made a captivating simple groove with her guitar and sang lilting, earthy, melodious hooks about love and heart and dirt and sunshine. She also engaged folks in conversation about salmon activism in the region. No accident she opened for Hurley.” -Hip Fish, Astoria, OR, 2007 

“Strong singing… characterizes longtime local folkie, Alexa Wiley’s new disc, eating that way.  The album sounds great, with able accompaniment by mandolin, flute, horns…and Wiley’s voice is sure and evocative” -Jeff Rosenberg, Willamette Week 2008

“With sirens song and a voice that launched a thousand ships, Alexa Wiley’s singing style is potent, tenacious, and spiritual. Wiley can be found performing…love songs for humanity.” -Yasa, The Muse Matrix, Davis, CA 2005

“Alexa Wiley… is proficient at finger picking, rhythm, and slide work.…if you’re looking to get a casual laid back brew and taste of the world folk beat, then check it out…” -Alex Fontana, Positively Entertainment May 2005

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